How To Activate Stellar Blade’s Wasteland Solar Tower

How To Activate Stellar Blade’s Wasteland Solar Tower

Not everything in action slasher (and super-pretty simulator)Stellar Blade is cute outfits and gory glory kills. You’ll have to find a few hidden objectives from time to time. One such location is the Solar Tower in the Wastelands, the game’s first open-ish area following Eve’s arrival in Xion.

Without activating the Solar Tower, you won’t be able to use any rest areas (which is kind of a problem). If you’re like me, you got to the top of the tower a little confused as to how to activate it. No worries, though: I’ve suffered for you, and am here to show you where and how to activate this tower so you can get back to being a girl with a deadly sword.

Find the tower

Screenshot: Shift Up / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

Once you try to use the first rest area in the Wasteland, Adam will inform you about a Solar Tower that needs to be reactivated. You’ll be able to spot it on the horizon. For the most part, you can just run toward that area and you’ll find yourself at the base of the tower in no time (well, after a handful of battles, of course).

Get to the big-headed robot at the top

You’ll have to ascend the solar tower with a combination of robots that serve as platforms, some ladders, and some ledges. Once you’re at the top, you’ll come across a terminal, but it won’t work right away.

If you reached the terminal at the almost-top of the tower and ran into frustration, that’s because you need to keep climbing up to get to a robot who’s stuck.

Gif: Shift Up / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

When facing the tower’s terminal, run to your left and you’ll see a gap to leap across, with a slightly higher platform on the other side. Jump and dash (X followed by circle) to reach the other side. Do that one more time to reach another platform. Here, you’ll find a yellow robot much like the one at the base of the tower caught under some stuff. Help him out by holding R2 and you’ll be able to return to the tower’s terminal and activate it. This will enable you to use rest areas in the Wastelands.

Don’t forget the collectible can!

Screenshot: Shift Up / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

If you haven’t already, you can snag a Potential Tempest can from a chest in the area surrounding the Solar Tower. To get it, you’ll need to activate a bunch of blue Tetrastar terminals surrounding the tower. Each time you activate a new one, you’ll see a circle on the screen move toward completion. The final one requires you to move a yellow cart in front of a pair of blue freight boxes stacked on top of each other and hop on top of it. The red chest up there will tell you how many terminals are left to go.

Stellar Blade likes to hide some of its objectives a little out of sight, usually requiring you to do some wonky platforming (especially in those heel-less heels. How does she do it?). Be sure to actively look around each environment for collectibles and important objectives as you set out to save the earth in fun, slutty outfits.

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