Big W’s Sale On Lenovo Legion Go Might Be Worth Ditching The Steam Deck For [Update: Now Even Cheaper]

Big W’s Sale On Lenovo Legion Go Might Be Worth Ditching The Steam Deck For [Update: Now Even Cheaper]
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Update 7/5/2024, 9:25 AM: Lenovo themselves has thrown their hat in the ring with their own deal, dropping the price of the Legion Go to $1,199 ($300 off) using the code GOTIME. If your state isn’t stocking the Big W deal or it sells out, going straight to the source might be a solid next bet.

Update 3/5/2024 8:18 AM: You can get it even cheaper if you’re a Woolworths Rewards member and use the code XMAY2024 at the checkout. That’ll bring the price down to $1079.10. Thanks to the deals warlocks at OzBargain for that one.

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The Lenovo Legion Go is currently 20% off on sale at Big W, with a massive $300 discount on the Steam Deck competitor while stocks last. 

The Big W Lenovo Legion Go Z1 Extreme 512GB deal brings the price of the handheld gaming console down from $1499, the standard pricing across other major Australian retailers like JB Hi-Fi and EB Games, to $1199. Unlike the Aussie store’s recent Nintendo Switch OLED deal, this one’s online and delivery only, so you won’t be able to head into your nearest store to cop the bargain while it’s live.

There is a catch, of course, because there always is: This particular deal isn’t available in WA, NT or TAS. Big W’s site does not offer a rationale for why this might be, but we’ve reached out to ask for comment. If you have friends in QLD, NSW, SA, VIC, or the ACT, maybe have it shipped to them so they can pass it on.

There’s currently no confirmed end date for Big W’s Lenovo Legion Go deal, although given the nature of the retailer’s flash deals and varying stock levels, it’s bound to be a short and sweet special. Unlike their Steam Deck offering, which is sold through their marketplace (and therefore from a third-party seller on the retailer’s website), the Legion Go is available directly from Big W, meaning you won’t have to stress about the risks of grey market imports and warranty headaches.

While the Lenovo Legion Go isn’t as tricky to get your hands on in Australia as the Steam Deck continues to be – although you can check out all the local retailers currently selling grey-import Steam Decks here – a $300 discount on a handheld gaming PC is nothing to poke a stick at. The Legion Go is one of the pricier offerings on the handheld PC market, but Big W’s 20% discount brings it closer into the rage of other devices like the ROG Ally, and of course the third-party seller Steam Decks available locally.

While we continue to wait (seemingly forever) for the Steam Deck to officially launch in Australia, other handheld gaming PCs continue to drop on our shores for those who are feeling cautious about importing in their own handheld rig. If you’d like to compare the Lenovo Legion Go to other similar products, we’ve also rounded up all of the Steam Deck alternatives on the market and weighed up their pros and cons, as well as specs.

Big W continues to quietly drop solid gaming console sales without much fanfare, so if you’re not regularly checking the website for bargains as they surface, don’t stress – as a seasoned sale lurker, I’ve got you covered.  We’ll be keeping our eye out for more gaming deals, sales, and bargains – you can check out the best gaming deals in Australia today here if you want to keep up to date with how to get yourself a little treat without breaking the bank here.

Update May 2, 2024 3:16 PM AEDT: Updated to include the disclaimer that this deal isn’t available in WA, NT, or TAS. Apologies, we should have caught that first time around. — David.

Image: Lenovo / Kotaku Australia


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