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Two for two for Crotchdot, then. Yesterday's game was indeed the rope counter from Spelunky; nice work mate.

Can you guess today's game?


I was only recently informed that, by luck or (most likely) by virtue of some promotion, burgers will be arriving in our office today. So for this week's Off Topic, it seems more apt than ever to ask people to dive into their memories. Memories about burgers, of course.


If you haven't heard of Blood, you're missing out: it was one of the best DOOM/Duke Nukem clones of the 1990's. It's been selling on Steam and GOG for a while, which is all well and good.

If you pick up either of those versions you'll need to deal with the joys of emulation, specifically DosBOX. But if you'd like an alternative, one gamer has found a way to get the whole thing going - in Java.


Welcome, welcome. It's Talk Amongst Yourselves time - a time to hang out, chat about games, movies, comics, anything you want. Organise a meet-up! Join a clan. It's the unofficial forum for Kotaku Australia, and home of the best and friendliest community online.


"How are you feeling?" I asked one Twitch streamer. "Nervous," she says. "Why, are you presenting?" I ask. "No, I just don't want the game to suck."

It was the most honest exchange I had all day at the Destiny 2 reveal in Los Angeles. An interaction based on the reality that the majority of people in this room derive their livelihoods from YouTube channels and Twitch streams that rely on this game to do well. If the reveal bombs, so do their prospects.


I am standing at the foot of an enormous mountain, barely clad. Rain lashes me, and in the distance there is lightning and thunder. I am shivering, but I know – at least I think I know – that atop this mountain shelter awaits. The promise of a warming meal and a warmer bed. Perhaps companionship. But first, this mountain. One step at a time. One aching, tired, lonely step at a time.


May hasn't been as hectic as the last couple of months when it comes to releases, but it's certainly not for lack of trying. This week is especially chockers: Rime is finally available, almost four years after it was announced, another Star Ocean game appears, the Wii U gets a new game, there's a platformer about a dog trying to save its owner, and Ultra Street Fighter 2 lands on the Switch.

But the one that will probably catch most people's eyes is the return of an underrated gem: the remaster of Vanquish hits PC this week, complete with an unlocked framerate and 4K support.


You can't get much better than free when it comes to discounts, which means you have little reason to pass up GOG's current deal for Mount & Blade. Yes, TaleWorlds' sandbox medieval RPG is zero dollars via the online storefront, though it won't be for very long.