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Just talk to each other. About anything. Christ I don't know, use your imaginations!

Complain about the heat. Talk about eh games you're playing, the TV you're watching. Talk about your cat, your dog, your goldfish. Talk about that dream you had when you went to school in your underwear.


Hello! I'm back in Australia. And Pokemon Snap didn't last very long, did it? Let's see if today doesn't do a little better.


Slim laptops with half-decent dedicated graphics are hard to come by. Slim gaming laptops that look good are harder again. Beyond Alienware and its ilk, we've always been fans of Razer's skinny Blade — and now you can buy the latest hardware update of the 14-inch machine in Australia.


This is a picture of a sleeping cat. And having just gotten off a plane and run straight into the office, you'd better bloody believe this is the first "game" I'll be playing this weekend.

But once that's done, I have a couple of things in mind.