Banned From Fortnite, Famed Jedi Master Yoda Has Been

Banned From Fortnite, Famed Jedi Master Yoda Has Been

Epic Games has apparently disabled the new Yoda backpack in Fortnite only days after adding the item in its May the 4th Star Wars drop.

Why would Epic do this? How could they send the legendary Jedi Master to the shadow realm like this? What could he possibly have done to warrant such horrible treatment? Initially, some players theorised that the backpack, which occasionally lets out Yoda’s famous guttural giggle, might have been too loud. This would, it was theorised, attract enemy players in the Battle Royale modes or alert them to your presence.

It turns out that’s not quite what was going on. Turns out it was a little more serious: Dagobah’s weirdest little unit (or one of the items connected to him) was crashing the game.

Epic vaulted the entire shop row containing the Yoda backpack cosmetic while it gets to the bottom of the crash bug. Currently vaulted: the Disassembled C-3PO back bling, the Dagobah Luke skin, the Yoda Gear Pack back bling and the Dagobah Luke Bundle containing the Luke skin, the Yoda backpack and Yoda’s cane. Because they’ve been vaulted, the skins are not currently available for purchase. Those who bought them will find the skins disabled in their libraries so you can’t use them in-game.

There’s no word yet when the skins will be put back into the rotation, but Epic rarely takes long to get to the bottom of these things. We’re sure they’ll be back in action before long — these are expensive, licensed skins after all. Every moment they aren’t in the Fortnite Shop is money Epic could have been making.

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