A Most Unusual Merry Marvel Video Game Controller

The latest marvelous Marvel team-up with accessory maker PDP has resulted in this, the Marvel Edition Versus Fighting Pad, a slightly off-kilter fighting pad coming to the Xbox 360.

Coming February 14 for $US39.99 USD, Marvel and PDP's wired controller drops the d-pad in favour of a sole thumbstick, one featuring "high quality micro-switch activators" and a "rubberized, over-tooled cap." It is, of course, decked out with Marvel super-heroes, just in time for Marvel vs. Capcom 3, naturally.

More details, including the limited edition packaging for this new fighting game pad challenger at Marvel.com.

FIRST LOOK: Marvel Edition Versus Fighting Pad For Xbox 360 [Marvel]


    Arcade stick or die!

    That said that control pad art is glorious. I'll be using my Hori RAP3 Blazblue stick for MvC3 and MK coming up.

    No mention of Bryan Hitch, the artist's name...

    For shame Kotaku, for shame!

      LOL, guessing you knew that just by looking? :P
      Looks sweet but would go for the stick personally....

        Looks like its only good for a fighting game. I have one SF controller on PS2 that never gets used cos it's only for a fighting game. Never again.

        Nohandle: this time I had already read the comic so it don't count

        New Avengers Witten by Bendis with a large cast of pencillers. this double page spread was one of the highlights. Still, don't like Hitch as much as when he drew The Ultimates.

    The layout is sweet, but I don't like the shape.

    Very nice artwork though :)

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