Rage For PC Lets You Mod Right Out Of The Box

id Software's next, Rage, will come with a handy feature for enterprising game modders when the game hits the PC later this year. id Studio, the tools id Software used to build the post-apocalyptic shooter, will be just a few keystrokes away on day one.

id creative director Tim Willits told PC Gamer that id Studio will ship day and date with Rage for PC, calling it "all the tools we use" to make the game. That's great news for modders looking to tackle the challenge of level design on id Tech 5, better news for those who intend to play Rage on their computers and reap what the community creates.

Rage is currently slated for a September 13 release on PC, Mac, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Rage to ship with full level editor, id studio [PC Gamer]


    Great news. I remember them saying originally that there would be no mod tools because it was 'too complicated'.

    Excellent news, there is hope for PC gaming yet! I'm definitely going to get down and dirty with this mod toolkit. I hope level design isn't all you can do with it though. Will it feature source code?

      "Will it feature source code?"

      Of course not, what incentive will any company have to buy license for this engine if you have full access out of the box?

        The game code, not the engine code, genius.

        id's previous games have generally had two sets of source code. Most of my experience comes from Quake 2 modding, which consisted of:
        1. The engine code, which compiles into the game's executable file (e.g. Quake2.exe).
        2. The actual game code (the thing which controls how the game behaves, e.g. items/weapons, enemies, AI, etc), which compiles into a DLL which gets "plugged in" to the game engine (e.g. baseq2.dll).

        id have always given players access to the game code, just not the engine code. All I wanted to know was if they would release the game code for modders on day one, or if it would become available later (or perhaps not at all with this one).

      Well, if ID lets you code with C++ (or any other programming language that isn't a scripting Language), chances are it will allow you to ACCESS the source code (with pre-build static or dynamic libraries), but not CHANGE it, which is what licensee's would be able to do.

      Cant wait for this game, I'll be building my new PC in anticipation for it.

    Awesome! I wouldn't mind tinkering with my own levels! :)

    This is just fantastic news! iD have always been so great with supporting the community with mod stuff! I was a bit worried myself with initial talks that there would be nothing for us, but this is just great! A step back to the good old days of modding q2 and q3 perhaps! hopefully with a few less limitations!

    Thank god they only gave bethesda publishing rights.

    And this is why id Software is still one of the very best.

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