Blizzard Launches Diablo III Community Site, Beta Sure To Follow

Blizzard Launches Diablo III Community Site, Beta Sure To Follow

The official community site for Blizzard’s hot-hot-hotly anticipated dungeoneer Diablo III has launched, giving the game’s hordes of fans a centralised place to post about, you know, how mad excited we all are about the game.

The activation of the community site seems to underline a high probability that the Beta will be released soon, at which point we’ll all happily devour it. Or let it devour us. Or some mixture of the two, like a happy video-game playing snake, eating its own tail and loving it.

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  • I played the shit out of the Diablo 2 demo before I got my hands on the full thing. LETMEINTHEBETABLIZZARDYOUKNOWI’MGOODFORIT

    • Me too. I first got the D2 demo on a demo disc that came with APC Mag that I borrowed from my Library. I think I got my Barbarian up to about level 23 or something. I got a Biggins Bonnet cap =D

  • I’m thoroughly excited for this game. People have been saying they are going to boycott this game because of the constant internet connection needed. All I have to say to that is think of Diablo 3 as an MMO of sorts, being able to play your single player character and still have access to online content and always knowing your character wont be lost if the game screws up.

    • I’d say the negative reaction isn’t purely that but also the fact that the more that gets released the more it looks like World of Diablocraft.

    • Why would I want an MMO out of Diablo, when the others weren’t like that?
      Its enitrely stupid to have online only.
      Same with SC2, friends told me to get it, I haven’t because well I’m not gonna tolerate this type of crap.

      You buy this game, the only message your sending to Blizzard is that they can take away whatever they want and it won’t matter because you’ll buy it anyway

      • Blizzard could ship this wrapped in a giant turd with a huge pink sticker that says ‘F**K YOU, SUCKER’ on it and people will still line up for it.

      • Right, kinda feeling the same way. The various things-to-get-worked-up-about in Diablo 3 are far from life-shattering, but they are important principles and it looks like at some point we’re going to have to take a stand here. Blizzard et al just keep trying to get away with more and more crud. I mean .. an always-on single-player video game? OK, I know some people don’t mind, that’s OK. I know that for me it took a while before I was ready to say “Enough!”. If you are also there, I invite you to check out and have your say. Would like to kinda bring together the people who aren’t buying the game and get a little organized so Blizzard doesn’t write us off as “fringe”.

  • Am I the only one whose not enthused about this game? A big part I think is the classes. I just look at them and am not excited to play any of’em.


    kthx Blizz, shoddy DRM will never destroy my excitement for this long overdue affair!

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