Ultima Creator's House For Sale For A Cool $4 Mil

Richard Garriott, the Ultima creator and space tourist believed to be the only private citizen to own property on an extraterrestrial body, is selling real estate here on Earth. For about $US4 mil you may claim the stately Texas manor owned by Lord British.

According to KUT-TV of Austin, Texas, Garriott's "captivating and magical" estate is listed by RE/MAX (TM) and features a 3,000 acre preserve and an "off the grid energy realm," whatever the fuck that means. The manor features an observatory, grotto, waterfall and lagoon.

Need more information? The estate has its own Wikipedia entry.

Buy Richard Garriott's Home for $US4 Million [KUT-TV via Game Informer.]


    Top shelf journalism is dropping the f-bomb just for the hell of it.

      Kotaku is a blog .. journalism has nothing to do with it.

    Oh no, someone swore! Shaddap nerdlinger.

    No issue with fuck in context. But really...

    Does it need to be added. The article would have been fine without it. Eh. I expect more.

      Expect more? From Kotaku US? I don't.

    Sounds good, now all I need is 4 million dollars.

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