The Occupy Movement's Mobile Arcade Is A Go

Booted off Kickstarter for who-knows-why, Oak-U-Tron 201X, the rolling, battery-powered arcade cabinet meant to provide R&R to Occupy Oakland's weary soldiers, is nonetheless complete. It's scheduled to roll out during the Move-In March planned for ... oh, how about nowish? Assuming Oak-U-Tron survives the invasion of Occupy Oakland's new digs, people can "play the wonderful 50-player co-op game that Auntie Pixelante made just for this event!"

OAK-U-TRON 201X: It's ALIVE! [RPM Collective]


    "Booted off Kickstarter for who-knows-why"

    Maybe I should start a kickstarter because I really want a boat and can't be bothered saving up and buying it myself.

    Does it have...Monopoly on it?

    Absolutely speechless at this complete retardation.

    They are "occupying" an empty building now aren't they? We used to call those sorts of people bums.

      Squatters would be a better term.

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