The Voices Of Bastion Perform "Build That Wall"

As a nice little treat, the folks at SuperGiant Games have posted a video of audio director Darren Korb and vocalist Ashley Barrett doing an impromptu performance of "Build that Wall," the track that won so many hearts (including mine) in the studio's lovely downloadable game Bastion.

In a nice bonus, Korb goes straight into "Mother, I'm Here," and finally the two perform the mash-up of the two songs titled "Setting Sail, Coming Home." If only narrator Logan Cunningham had moseyed in halfway through to provide some commentary.

"The Guitarist checked his tuning. Strings rang out, cold metal in the night."

Very cool, guys.


    Amazing stuff, all three Bastion songs somehow have made it into my iTunes Top 25 Most Played songs, surrounded by the likes of Johnny Cash. They sound all kinds of great live too.

    Beautiful. One of the highlights of gaming in 2011.

    Considering all the (deserved) attention the narration was getting, I found the songs in Bastion to be an amazingly pleasant surprise.

    The song reminds me of the Tristram music in DIablo I.

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