New Civilization V Expansion Brings Religion, Espionage Back To Series

Developer Firaxis will release an expansion pack for Civilization V this (northern) spring, it said today. Civilization V: Gods & Kings will mark the return of religion and espionage, two Civilization IV features that were absent in the fifth instalment of the popular turn-based strategy series.

It will also "reinvent the diplomatic system" and add a host of enhancements to the combat and city-state mechanics from Civilization V.

We'll have more details — including an interview with lead designer Ed Beech — about the upcoming expansion pack later today.


    How about animations in multiplayer for crying out loud.
    I never did buy the excuse that was to help speed the game up in MP. Especially since have AI in multiplayer caused game to be stuck on 'please wait' for many minutes getting worse as game dragged on.

    Also, it's really annoying to not see things coming in MP. You better be checking your visibility like a hawk because without unit animations to draw your'll be screaming 'BULLSHIT' at your monitor when you get a unit killed message on the side of the screen.

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