Conan O'Brien Reviews Resident Evil 6 So We Don't Have To

Taking some of the pressure off of us during the upcoming busy fall review seasons, TV's Conan tackles the biological weapons of Resident Evil 6, making some startlingly insightful comments in the process.

It may be a joke, but it's actually quite interesting seeing how a non-gamer reacts to a game that's aimed at the more hardcore. Conan actually plays a lot like I do when I'm not reviewing a title, spending more time screwing around with silly things like the gesture system instead of getting on with the business at hand. He gets distracted by the sort of food Capcom decided to put on the table at a dinner interrupted by zombies.

Ultimately the score Conan gives Resident Evil 6 means nothing whatsoever, but zombie piñatas and lobster pasta man will stick with me forever.


    Resident Evil 6
    Aimed at Hardcore.

    Is you serious?

      More hardcore than say, mario and sonic at the olympics is what i guess they mean...

        This is how I play video games, lol.

          That wasn't supposed to be a reply. D:

    Good work! "thumbs up"

    Leon: Good Job.
    Helena: Appretiate It.
    Leon: Good Job.
    Helena: I F**king Get It Leon!

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