This Guy's Geeky Latte Art Will Blow Your Mind

Meet Kazuki Yamamoto. He's a latte artist. You've probably seen the work of latte artists before and how they can draw things like hearts or leaves in steamed milk. But you've probably never seen anything like this.

Yamamoto draws anime, manga and video game characters in latte — as well as celebrities and animals. Whether it's Pokémon or Ringo Starr, Yamamoto can bring them to life in hot, delicious and milky coffee. Keep your eye out for a three dimensional latte recreation of Nyanko-sensei from Japanese manga Natsume's Book of Friends.

Currently in Osaka, Yamamoto pops up at coffee events around the city and in nearby Kobe. He one day dreams of opening his own cafe in Tokyo. You might one day dream of ordering a serving of Yamamoto's latte art.

Have a look at his work from his Twitter feed. Yamamoto does regular latte art updates, so if you like his creations, he's definitely worth following.

@george_10g [Twitter] Cafe10g [Ameba]

Top photo: @george_10g


    I don't like people playing with my food... Erh, drinks. Before I get a chance to.

      A barista is only able to do latte art if the milk has been almost perfectly steamed. It's a sign of great coffee. Enjoy it!

        You couldn't be more right. Milk like that is essential for being able to draw latte art like this.

        I have a Tumblr where I do similar things, I mostly draw Pokemon... but this guy.. He is amazing. I only wish I could do latte art as good as this D;

    But is the coffee still hot by the time he's finished with it?

      That's what i was thinking. Either he's really fast and efficient with it, or he can heat it up afterwards

    I find is almost offensive that someone can draw better in a cup of coffee than I can with a pen.

    Kamen Rider Wizard, the only reason I clicked this article.

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