Daredevil Can’t Sense The Danger In My Favourite Scene From This Week’s Comics

Daredevil Can’t Sense The Danger In My Favourite Scene From This Week’s Comics

When he’s running around as Daredevil, Matt Murdock’s nickname is The Man Without Fear. In an issue that brings the chain of recent threats to a head, that belief gets tested big time.


Chris Samnee handles the pencils on this issue and I really love what he does with this page. Each super-sense gets a different visual treatment, broken out into an individual panel in the middle of the page. It’s a quick reminder that Matt Murdock experiences the world differently and, in this issue, that reminder matters a whole lot. Without spoiling anything, Daredevil #25 represents a major turning point for the series and its lead character. If you’ve been reading all along, you’re getting a great pay-off right about now.

What about you? What sequences or covers from this week’s comics made your eyeballs happy?


    • I loved the Bendis run of daredevil, but I’m not a fan of the current run of it. It’s too light hearted, Daredevil is better dark.

      I do highly recommend Daredevil – End of Days though, the story follows the death of daredevil. Final issue comes out next month, then the TPB should be out soon after.

      • Thanks. Marvel seems to be churning out some good stuff lately. I dont keep up with all of it mainly because my personal tastes will see me hovering to the Image/Dark Horse/Indies shelves but for the most part they aren’t too shabby at all, Nova and Hawkeye comes to mind.

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