Tomb Raider's Abandoned, Darker Ending

I knew the first of Lore's Tomb Raider "fast facts", but did not know the other two. I'm intrigued by the idea of a Tomb Raider with a darker ending. I think I would've been OK with that.


    Hmm, forced failure? I think that could have worked. The game started off with Lara being inexperienced and you bringing her up to face the challenges ahead of her. By giving her a "failed" ending you express the idea that caution still needs to be applied to experienced people and the smallest mistake can still have the biggest consequences.

    Could also help with the few people who complained about Lara becoming too experience way too fast and being perfectly content with the horrible stuff she was inflicting on others despite being afraid of it earlier. A "fail" ending could have helped with this problem by showing what over confidence can result in or show that ultimate survival doesn't come without cost.

      i wouldn't call it failure, more like triage. which would have been sad, but acceptable

    I really liked the ending we got. I went through the whole game expecting some sort of bittersweet grimdark ending that has become really popular with video games today, and was pleasantly surprised when that didn't happen.

      I actually became more and more annoyed that Lara's professor was becoming more and more selfish and an asshole and then to pointlessly die.

    Such a great game. I think it was on special on Steam last week - well worth getting at full price as well.

    The ending is still awesome how they did it.
    This is a game that everyone should play. With the constant steam sales too it is worth it hands down but to be honest. Full retail it is still worth it hands down.

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