LEGO Optimus Prime Lights Our Darkest Hour

LEGO Optimus Prime Lights Our Darkest Hour

One of the great crimes of the modern era is that Kre-o has the licence for Transformers "building block" toys, and not LEGO.

Never mind. We've always got fans stepping in where companies fail, and in this case, it's Alex Jones, who's made an Optimus Prime so good that it doesn't even really look like a LEGO project...just a really great figure.

And yes, this is the same Alex Jones who made all that He-Man LEGO. Alex, where were you in the 1980s, when my childhood - and LEGO - needed you most?

LEGO Transformers [Alex Jones, via Brothers Brick]

LEGO Optimus Prime Lights Our Darkest Hour


    Better than that thing micheal bay came up with

      Much better indeed.

      And might I say 'burn'! lol

        LEGO Transformers: The Game?.... no strike that, LEGO Transformers: The Movie!

          LEGO Transformers: The Movie: The Game!

    Lego recently jumped Hasbro as the worlds 2nd biggest toy maker which is part reason Hasbro makes its own (kre-o) blocks.

      Well KRE-O should hire this guy as he seems to know more about designing a kit than the designers of the Transformers Lego (we got Starscream and Jazz for my son last year - and neither one is on the level of this!)

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