There’s Far Too Much Eminem In The Call Of Duty Dog Music Video

I just want to listen to some music and look at dogs, but no — here’s Eminem droning on and on about shitting on his microphone and making stupid G-Unit puns.

Oh wait, I guess this is supposed to be a video for Eminem’s “Survival”, the song that debuted in part during a Call of Duty: Ghosts trailer earlier this year. Glad Activision decided not to go with the microphone pooping bit. It wouldn’t have been a very good fit, thematically. Well, as far as we know now. The game’s not out yet.

“Gun it like G-Unit without the hypen.” It’s actually a little clever. I just prefer Mr. Mathers’ earlier work, back when we could believe his anger was real-ish, because we were all younger and a little more stupid.

Then again, what do I know? Maybe it’s incredibly hard to get a whole bunch of money for associating your horrible song to one of the year’s biggest game releases, instead of that sweet Hot Pockets ad you had your eye on. Maybe it’s so difficult that one can’t help but void their bowels on an expensive piece of audio recording equipment. Maybe he was just marking his territory so the dog wouldn’t get uppity. Now I feel like a jerk.

Sorry, Eminem. Hope my callous comments don’t make you pee on stuff.


  • I don’t think i’ve ever heard someone get so defensive about a microphone before, then again, why all the hate against eminem? but uh hey, way to go, nice job using a news website to report on something nothing about news and voice your own opinions, good job chief.

  • Wow, you really got upset about a throw away line out of context. How much more cod: ghosts footage do you need to see?

  • Inb4 mike gets ripped on in eminem’s next album.

    I’m an eminem fan and have been for aaaaages but the marketing tie ins further ruin a mediocre song. Big hopes for MMLP2, hope he can pull it off.

    No big hopes for cod though.

      • Trying to stay positive. I didn’t mind recovery or relapse. Obviously not close to infinite, MMLP etc, but it was good to see a different approach regardless.

        But you’re right. Berzerk is the most old school em has sounded Ina while and even then it’s not that similar (rap beats these days…) and survival just sounds like something off of recovery.

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