Why Do Mega Man Characters Pose With Four Fingers Held Up?

I didn't know either, but now I do thanks to the latest "Fast Facts" video from Lore.


    I get it…fast facts because the character is posing like Usain Bolt… nice :P

    ...Those facts were too fast... I didn't enjoy it.-

      if you didn't enjoy it, then you really need to slow down…

      Last edited 08/02/14 12:54 am

    This was not funny, witty or insightful. It feels like a cartoon network character is talking out-of-context gibberish. (It was still gibberish originally but now it's out of context)

      I take it you are unfamiliar with Dodger's work?


          Dodger, the unofficial mascot for Polaris network. Polaris is a big MCN that features youtubers from AVGN to TotalBiscuit to that scourge PewDiePie. (Seriously, like half of YouTube is employed by them) She has 440K subs, and is a regular on the co-optional podcast.
          She is known as the Polaris mascot because she is affiliated in a lot a Polaris stuff, from the Daily Byte to Lore. A great deal of her stuff is out-of-context gibberish. I suppose that's her appeal.
          Even though the deluge of information says otherwise, I don't watch that much of her content. Just the co-optional podcast and a bit of Daily Byte every now and then. No, I am not a stalker.

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