Japan Wants To Create A Space Force

Japan Wants To Create A Space Force

The Mainichi Shimbun is reporting that Japan plans to create a "space force" within its existing Self Defence Force, hoping to have it operational by 2019. Took them long enough.

Its role will be to monitor "dangerous debris floating in Earth's orbit", as well as "protecting satellites from collisions with such debris". The force will be working closely with the US, both countries seeking to strengthen their relationship on what's described as the "fourth battlefield".

Note that this plan, which involves simply looking into space using old civilian astronomy equipment and radar, is just the beginning. The transforming space fighters and combat mechs and giant alien spaceship-melting cannons will presumably come later.

Japan set to create space force within SDF in 5 years' time [Mainichi]

Japan Wants To Create A Space Force


    Pew Pew! I live in hope that transforming mecha will come around at some point :)

    Just dont bother with that pilotless Ghost X-9 project...


    I've been waiting for this since 1985 after I attempted to build my own Mechfighter out of spare plywood.........

      Well first you need to be a high school student, only they can pilot the mechs.
      Second you need a cool back story like your father died and was the best pilot.
      Third you need a cool hair colour or unique styling.
      Forth you need to be obsessed with your friends, like sometimes creepily so.
      And finally fifth you need to be a little shy and awkward around woman, otherwise the 1/50 guy/girl ratio would just go to waste.

      If you don't meet these criteria you will end up being in a support role and prob die off panel

      (Directly from the Nippon Space Defence Force website)

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