Dr Robotnik Statue Terrorises Blue Hedgehog And Friends

Dr Robotnik Statue Terrorises Blue Hedgehog And Friends

After several years of pumping out statues based on classic Sonic the Hedgehog heroes and maybe one metallic henchman, First 4 Figures finally gives them a big baddie to stand up to. Towering over those fine furry friends, Dr Ivo “Eggman” Robonik is here.

I’m not exaggerating about the towering bit either. First 4 Figures’ take on the classic villain was crafted to be in scale with the rest of the Sonic line, so those little hedgehogs, foxes, echidnas and whatnot will need to move to a taller shelf to battle the big bad moustache ball.

I worry about those spindly legs. They seem like a real weak point. I’m sure they’re reinforced somehow — First 4 Figures wouldn’t be asking $US399 for a statue that’s going to break the moment it’s pulled out of the box.

Rather than do the customary exclusive edition, Ivo here only gets a single release, limited to 1000 pieces and shipping in the second quarter of 2015. He does, however, have two sets of hands. The bare ones…

…and the ones holding a pair of Infinity Gems. OK fine, Chaos Emeralds. But Infinity Gems. Look, if I’m going to pay $US400 for a statue, they are Infinity Gems.


  • Wow, that is meticulous. Really digging the look of the Metal Sonic one as well, it’s quite cheap in comparison.

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