Japan Built A Candy-Powered Rocket

Japan Built a Candy-Powered Rocket

And yes, it's called the Candy Rocket. Japanese sweets maker UHA Mikakuto brought together experts from various labs and universities to make a rocket that uses candy as its fuel.

Powered by twenty Puccho soft candies, the rocket successfully launched last week and reached an altitude of 248m.

This isn't just the world's first candy powered rocket, but quite possibly the world's first cavity-inducing rocket fuel. Science!


    Holy shit...did Bash...d-did Bashcraft just post a video? Only one GIF followed by the actual video??

    Given that my 16yo nephew made a candy-powered rocket on his last school holidays, I don't think there's much of a 'world first' in this. And did they really need university researchers to help make something that the instructions can be found for on Wikipedia?

      I ended up in hospital after doing stuff like this once. Thanks Aunt for telling the 000 operator that I had made a pipe bomb.

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