Grandmaster Caught Cheating On iPhone During Chess Tournament

Grandmaster Caught Cheating On iPhone During Chess Tournament

Gaioz Nigalidze, 25, is Georgia's current chess champion. He's also now facing a ban of up to 15 years from the game after being caught cheating during a tournament by looking at an iPhone.

The Washington Post reports that while competing at the Dubai Open Chess Tournament, Nigalidze kept retreating to the bathroom. The fact he kept returning to the same stall (not to mention how often he kept heading back there) aroused suspicions, and after officials (pictured above) checked the cubicle they found an iPhone wrapped in toilet paper.

Here's the statement from the tournament's official site:

When the officials initially checked Nigalidze, they did not find any device with him. Tournament Director and Chief Arbiter suspected he is using the same cubicle . When they checked the cubicle in question, they found a smart device and a headset hidden behind the pan and covered with toilet paper. When confronted, Nigalidze denied he owned the device, but officials opened the smart device and found it was logged into a social networking site under Nigalidze's account. They also found his game being analysed in one of the chess applications.

Nigalidze was kicked out of the tournament, and his current titles and results are also being investigated. Below is the phone.

Grandmaster Caught Cheating On iPhone During Chess Tournament


    You realise it's an iPod, right? Look at the photo and you can see "iPod" in the upper left part of the screen.

    There were a couple of people in my high school graduating class who pulled something like this during the HSC, and were thankfully busted when the testing co-ordinators got suspicious of the similar patterns (same seats, regular breaks, same cubicle).

    I absolutely love it when people claim something isn't theirs but their name's on it, or they have a facebook tab open, ect.

    Ahh, stupid people. Just freaking own up.

      Alternatively if he had used a passcode lock they would have been completely incapable of tying it to him.

      Or at least much harder.

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