HairWorks For Hitman? Not So Much

Briefly: The difference really is remarkable. Via /r/gaming.

NVIDIA HairWorks in Hitman [Reddit]


    inb4 bad journalism complaints!

      What journalism? lol

        The kind expected of the Kotaku writers that involves finding brief interest fluff in between their written articles.
        You know, the kind that has been a constant on Kotaku for bloody ages and yields the same comments from every expert keyboard editor/journalist that frequents this site.

      They're not pro journalism...

      they're actually the humour police.

      [Because that's what these posts normally are]

    You do realise that 47 isn't the only character in the entire game, don't you Mike?

      You do realise this is a joke?

        Of course. However, it irritates me when there is a link like this with little to no effort, and the "Briefly" tag does nothing to diminish this, as if it was a developing story, I would understand.

        I don't claim to be a journalistic legend, I'm not even that good at it. Though if one wanted to place a joke like this, they might write a article about the new game, and place it in said article.

        At least Mike writes a fair amount of content in a single day, as opposed to some, who just post click-bait and call it a day, so he can be given more lenience than others.

          Lenience? For doing their jobs?

          Well that's awfully kind of you.

    Saw this on Reddit. See it here.

    What the F am I supposed to be looking at. There's no damned difference.

    Its the online journalism version of a one liner guys. Ease up

      It's a copy-paste from the top of /r/gaming

        I don't check /r/gaming, but i check kotaku. So i wouldn't have seen this if it it weren't for kotaku.

        It was pretty funny.

        Are you a detective?! Seriously, that is some Sherlock meets Batman level skill you got going on there.

    Let's not forget that it is a Sunday and Fahey has actually put up some OK articles today, let him have his amusing pic link that those of us who don't frequent other sites would have missed.

    Is it just me or does Agent 47 looking more like Billy Corgan these days?

      He isn't whinging enough to look like Corgan.

      Not just you mate, while scrolling at first glance I thought "why is there a Smashing Pumpkins article on Kotaku?"

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