And Now For Some Chinese War Pornography

And Now For Some Chinese War Pornography

Today, China marked the end of World War II with a massive military parade. But prior to the event Chinese gaming and tech giant Tencent released a five-minute CG clip showing off the country’s military might.

Tencent owns one of China’s largest websites as well as popular social networking services and online games. The $US200 billion company has a majority stake in Riot Games and a minority stake in Epic Games.

The clip shows Chinese naval bases being attacked by “some military alliance” (Tech in Asia reports that the reasons are apparently never mentioned). It’s over five minutes of military hard on, sorry, hardware, and explosions. The clip, Tech in Asia adds, was made by Tencent’s news arm and Visions, a Beijing-based animation studio.

Something like this shouldn’t be so surprising, considering the immense size of the Chinese military and the country’s economy. For years, American movie and game makers have also done the same, showing off U.S. military power.

As pointed out by Tech in Asia, the “war porn” clip’s final title card reads, “We love peace, but we must prepare to fight potential future wars.” After that, there is a message that marks the 70th anniversary of World War II’s end.


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