Am I The Only One Who Loves Spoilers?

My love of spoilers is a constant source of consternation for my friends. I have a tendency to look up the synopsis of movies before I go to the cinemas and I would flick to the back of a comic book to scan the last few pages before I start reading it from the beginning. I refrain from verbalising any spoilers but my peers find it inconceivable that I would want to ruin endings for myself. Am I the only one who can't help themselves when it comes to spoilers?

Image: An accurate depiction of what happens when you dish out spoilers on the new Star Wars movie.

The effort to stop the spread of spoilers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has reached a point where even mentioning that you liked the movie on Twitter could land you in hot water. It is apparently sacrilege to discuss the movie in public lest you want a rain of hate fire to descent upon you. I personally can't relate to all the people who are freaking out about a spoiler ruining an entire movie. For me, what matters most is the quality of the movie: the cinematography, the acting, the story-telling, and so on.

If learning about the crucial bits of the story can ruin the entire thing for you, then maybe it wasn't a good movie in the first place. I know this line of thought is uncommon and unpopular, but if a movie is well-made and can transport me to another world then I can't give two shits if I knew that *insert major Star Wars spoiler here* beforehand. In fact, I welcome it. Knowing the major plot points lets me concentrate on taking in the rest of the film rather than obsess about one part of the story.

Of course, I will continue to be considerate and avoid discussing the movie in public (I value my life) but I still think people should just chill out a bit on the whole "Oh my god you ruined the movie for me and now you must die!" attitude.

Does anybody else share my love of spoilers? Let me know in the comments.


    In this day and age. If you stumble across spoilers online. You only have yourself to blame.

    You've got a damn good idea of places that can spoil you. So avoid them like the plague.

    And if you really don't want to know anything about whatever it is you are avoiding, you will stay away from everything online media related until you do so. Otherwise, you wanted to be spoiled so you can then whinge about it.

      Interestingly I've been trying to find Star Wars spoilers as I don't care about the movie so I figure I might as well know what happens.

      I have yet to come across a single spoiler for the film. People are carrying on like spoilers are everywhere, but I am yet to see one. This makes me wonder if people are actively looking for them or if they are as pervasive as people are making them out to be.

        Bit of both. A lot of places I frequent have cracked down hard on any spoilers and users are patrolling like the neighbourhood watch for the spoilers too. Which is awesome.

      Not really, sometimes they sneak them in on you. There are plenty of articles that will talk about a game or movie without spoiling it, and I like to read them before seeing or playing the move/game. Kind of builds the hype a bit, and gets me ready for whether I'll love it or hate it

      People like to yell out Spoilers in Multiplayer games. I don't do Twitter or Facebook and I avoided most places that would talk about it, but the night after I saw the movie there was some jackass in WoW blowing the plot.

      These Spoiler Trolls are making an effort to reveal a movies key points to people.

        Definitely. But that is the risk people run who don't see it right off the bat and they all know it. It sucks, but it happens.

          Yeah I shut down public chat channels in Games the day or so before the movie comes out.

        "but the night after I saw the movie there was some jackass in WoW blowing the plot."
        Happened to me the night BEFORE I saw it!
        The first spoiler still managed to, and I think the cinematography of the second spoiler gave away what was going to happen, but when that first one was confirmed to be real I was pretty sure the second was real too.

        A shame, really. Good thing I don't really care for Star Wars. (Force Awakens is pretty good though!)

    I want to go to a movie that no one knows about. I want to watch a movie for the first time, and be surprised by what happens. Spoilers in video games anyone me. I don't care if its a story spoiler, or a secret to find spoiler. I want to find out for my god dam self. I do NOT want someone telling me where to go, or what to do. I do not like people who think they need to tell everyone. If you know it, there keep it to your fucking self, because I want to find out when I play/watch the game/movie, not before I play it.

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    I hate spoilers, but I don't mind teasers that kind of hint at, or give you vague details. Nothing I hate more then spoilers though, in fact I didn't even read the article in fear that it might have contained a spoiler lol

    I went through a phase of a couple of years or so where I'd read the first chapter of a book, learn the characters, then jump to the end and read the last few pages before continuing.

    For some reason I really liked knowing who was still alive/around by the end of the book. Can't fathom doing it now.

    My current rule: Never spoil a story without sufficient warning. Especially in public.

    I think the problem is on a site like this its so easy to mark an article as contains spoilers so when its not done its really frustrating

    I still think people should just chill out a bit on the whole “Oh my god you ruined the movie for me and now you must die!” attitude.

    Nah, see that's different. "oh my god you ruined the movie for yourself by looking up the important plot points before watching it!" - fair enough, you only spoiled it for yourself, and by the sound of things you don't actually consider that "spoiling" the movie at all. In fact it sounds like it makes the movie better for you.

    But "oh my god you ruined the movie for me" is very different from "oh my god you ruined the movie for yourself".

    Actually, I love spoilers. I want to know what I'm getting myself into; what if my favorite character dies, or a plot twist that I will hate is gonna happen? I don't want to waste time, and I love the feeling if anticipation of, for example, waiting for someone to show a hidden ability, or tell someone something important. It allows me to understand the little signs beforehand, which I really like.

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