Marvel’s Teen Heroes Are Making Their Own Activist Superteam

Marvel’s Teen Heroes Are Making Their Own Activist Superteam

Marvel’s resurgent group of teenage crimefighters — whether that’s the time-lost young X-Men or the youngest All-New, All-Different Avengers — are doing something that’s very teen. They’re defying their older colleagues to go it alone, fighting crime and generally being all hopeful and grassroots-y while doing so. That’s the premise behind Champions, a new book from Mark Waid and Humberto Ramos being released in the wake of Marvel’s “Marvel Now!” initiative later this year. Channelling a youthful sense of positivity and social activism, the new group is headlined by Ms Marvel, Nova and Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales, after they chose to quit the Avengers for reasons currently unknown.

Marvel’s Teen Heroes Are Making Their Own Activist SuperteamAlternative Cover art by Alex Ross
Alternative Cover art by Alex Ross

They will be joined by the young Cyclops, part of the group of time-displaced X-Men that have been running around in the mutant comics, Amadeus Cho’s Totally Awesome Hulk, and, bizarrely enough, Viv Vision — one of the synthezoid children crafted by The Vision in the amazingly twisted Vision solo series.

Revealed as part of an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Champions — borrowing its name from a long-defunct Marvel superteam — will follow the young heroes on smaller scale, more socially-active adventures, rather than them teaming up to fight big villains and catastrophic events. In fact, don’t expect this to be a “young Avengers” despite the team roster — Waid tells EW that the book will have failed if, by its fifth issue, “the Masters of Evil show up and there’s a fight with the Absorbing Man”.

Sounds like the book is going to be focusing on these young heroes finding their own way in the world, separate from the legacy characters that dominate the Marvel universe. Champions #1 is due to hit shelves later this year.


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