Animated Game Of Thrones Fan Film Looks Into The Fall Of Valyria

Image: Youtube (Patrick McCarthy)

Sure, it's nowhere near as good as the real thing. But if you've been wanting to know more about how the Valyrian civilisation collapsed in the first place, and you'd rather watch than read, this animated Game of Thrones fan film is a good way to gear up for the new season.

The short was uploaded by Patrick McCarthy, whose YouTube channel is filled with other parody pilots and animations for South Park and Family Guy.

The latest video: The Doom of Valyria, a concept pilot for a series that looks into the Valyrian empire and the history of the Targaryen family. For the concept pilot, Doom of Valyria covers a wedding between Targaryen siblings Daenys and Gaemon. Normally that'd be one of the least offensive pairings in Game of Thrones, but in McCarthy's timeline it's the first incestuous coupling in the Valyrian Freehold.

It's a fun short, and there's even a cameo from a cute little dragon. Game of Thrones only has a couple of seasons to go, but it would be nice for this or another spin-off series to go into the Valyrian backstory.

For the record, The World of Ice and Fire officially states that a gigantic explosion took place at the volcanoes where the Dragons were born. That basically obliterated the immediate area, including everyone within, although to my knowledge it's not known what the exact cause of the explosion is yet. Plenty of fan theories, though.


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