Official Resident Evil 2 Remake Keyboard Costs Only $925

Image: Capcom

Capcom is releasing a Lexington typewriter-style keyboard. It costs ¥75,000 ($925) plus tax.

The Bluetooth-enabled keyboard is designed after the in-game Lexington typewriter.

Image: Capcom

It’s a nice looking keyboard.

Image: Capcom

You can scroll up and down by turning the knob and use the lever as the Enter key.

Image: Capcom

The Premium Edition is priced at ¥99,800 ($1230) and comes with all these goodies, including four “ink ribbons”, which are just masking tape.

Image: Capcom
Image: Capcom

The bundles are available in Japan through the E-Capcom online site.


    I have no need for it, but my good does it look amazing

    Capcom trying to milk money out of it's customers? I dun booleeb it

    How does it cost that much and not function as an actual typewriter too.

    Part of me wants this badly. But that price...

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