Fake Ultra Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Leads To Arrest 

Fake Ultra Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Leads To Arrest 

Lorelei The Symphonic Arsenal was a prize card at the 2008 Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships. There are only six in the whole world. Six real cards, that is.

According to YTV and MBS, 29-year-old Shunki Iwasaki allegedly sold a fake Lorelei The Symphonic Arsenal to a 20-something year-old Kyoto woman for 400,000 yen ($5048) through an online auction earlier this year.

After she realised it was counterfeit, the woman contacted the authorities, who have since arrested Iwasaki.

“I thought it might be fake,” Iwasaki is quoted as saying.

ImageMBS” loading=”lazy” > Screenshot: MBS

Here is how the real card, which is labelled 本物 (honmono), compares with the bogus card, labelled 偽物 (nisemono).

ImageMBS” loading=”lazy” > Gif: MBS

A closer look at the fake card.

Be careful when buying premium cards, whether that’s online or in person.


  • What a crap card! 3 machine type tributes for 2400 attack?! I feel like the people who won this at the tournament are the hardest done by!!

      • Yeah you can summon 1 lvl1-4 for free each turn, 5-6 normally needs 1 tribute and 7+ needs 2.

        You can get lvl6 cards with 2400atk so 3 tributes for the same atk is quite weak!

    • They’re not tournament legal anyway. “This card cannot be used in a duel”. They are literally prize cards.

      • Haha fair point but that’s almost worse, if the card can’t be used why didn’t they go nuts with the stats i.e. Obelisk the Tormentor!

        I think an illegal prize card should be better than a widely available card (i.e. Jinzo)

  • Some people seem a bit confused about the card’s text/stats, so here’s a brief explanation of what makes the card unique (and illegal for play).

    These championship cards are called “match winners”. They have bad stats and weird conditions to summon them/use their effects, but they all have an effect along the lines of “if you attack directly with this card and your opponent’s life points reach 0, you win the match”. The important thing to highlight is that it wins you the match, not the duel. If you’re playing a best-of-3 match and you win like this in the first duel, the whole best-of-3 is over. You won it all. Two or more games for the price of one.

    Now, this doesn’t really matter much for 2 reasons;

    1. All of these cards (except one called Victory Dragon, which is on the banlist instead) are illegal. Not just banned, but straight-up illegal for play, and there’s text printed on the cards themselves saying this. They’re more about being a unique idea, rather than functional.

    2. Even if they were legal for play (which you can do for Victory Dragon if you’re playing the “forbidden cards are just limited to 1” format), you wouldn’t actually be able to use them properly, because a player can surrender at any time. You’d just immediately surrender when you know you’re going to lose anyway, and they’d never manage to get the effect off unless you neglected to do that.

  • 20-something year-old

    If you don’t know then why even put it in the article? it’s not relevant and just looks stupid.

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