Sega Is Releasing A Game Gear Micro

Sega Is Releasing A Game Gear Micro

To mark the company’s 60th anniversary, Sega has decided to take one of its most notorious systems and re-release it in micro form. It’s not the Dreamcast or the Saturn, though; rather, it’s the handheld Game Gear.

More details, like what it’ll cost and which games are going to be included (you can at least see the excellent Game Gear version of Sonic on the promo pic above), will be released later today, and we’ll update this post when they become available.

UPDATE: Looks like it’s launching on June 10 in Japan for ¥4980, which roughly translates to USD$45. There will be four colours available: black, blue, yellow and red.

ImageNintenDaan” loading=”lazy” > Image: NintenDaan
Image The Game Boy Micro was small. The Game Gear Micro, at least in that distressing promo pic, looks TOO small.

Games included are Last Bible, Shining Force, Sonic & Tails, and Gunstar Heroes:


  • That looks miniscule. I have the original Game Gear, the 8-bit Sonic games in particular are severely underrated so this could be pretty awesome. Dunno if it NEEDED to be micro though.

  • Growing up with a MasterSystem means I have a particular fondness for 8 bit Sega games, so I might have to pick one of these up.

    I’m not in love with the screen size, but making it pocket size means there’s a good chance I would take this with me on a lot more trips.

  • I think I’m too old for this. Looking at the scale compared to the hand in the picture, I think my thumbs are too big for the buttons and my eyes are getting too bad for that tiny screen.

      • It has a 1 inch screen. I know we’ve all probably been spoiled by ever increasing phone screen sizes, but I really think 1 inch is just too small. That’s what she said, etc.

    • You implant them in your hand and it uses induction charging to power up the Game Gear. Obviously.

  • Tossing up between the old Zoolander “Game Gear for ants” meme, or someone Photoshopping a Game Gear into Community’s tiny paper meme.

  • I only opened this story and the batteries in my TV remote immediately went dead in sympathy.

  • I hate that i started collecting mini consoles I feel compelled to get this
    I even had to get the mega tower add on for the mega drive

    I was an easy target

  • Oh my god this is perfect.
    I’ve been trying to find the smallest system I can so I can hide it in my pocket at work.
    I want something small enough that I can close my hand and it will disappear.
    I thought I was going to have to muck around with a Pi Zero but now I can just buy this!
    I think I’ve found my holy grail.

  • Looks like it only has 4 games though? Weak, and 4 different games depending on the colour. That’s a stupid way of doing things.

  • Ok so what happened with this? Everyone reported on it “coming” and now that it’s out only in Japan… silence?? No word on if there will or won’t be a release outside of Japan?? No one cares???

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