Sex Doll Confused For Dead Body Floating In Japanese Harbour

Sex Doll Confused For Dead Body Floating In Japanese Harbour

Late last week in the city of Hachinohe on Japan’s northeast coast, a sex doll floating near the dock was confused for a real body. Hey, it happens!

Introduced on 2ch, the photos were originally taken by YouTuber Natsuki Tanaka, who was shooting fishing footage. (You can check out her YouTube channel here.)

“While filming a fishing video, I thought a dead body floating in the water had washed up, but it was a blow-up doll,” Tanaka wrote on Twitter. Someone else, she added, mistakenly called the authorities, and the police, firefighters, and an ambulance all arrived, causing quite the scene and ready to rescue the doll from the water.

In the above images, you can see multiple fire and rescue trucks, a squad car, and an ambulance. A group of onlookers gathered and watched as a rescue team worked to save what it thought was a real person.

Another Twitter user, PowerSportsVoW, was also on hand, snapping a photo of the moment the sex doll was fished out of the water, with the rescue team pulling it up onto dry land. PowerSportsVoW scratched the incident off to illegal dumping of oversized trash, which sounds about right due to the country’s rules about disposing of trash.

While this was quite the spectacle, thank goodness it was just a blow-up doll and not an actual body!

This isn’t the first time that a discarded love doll has been mistaken for a corpse — and it probably won’t be the last. Back in 2018, for example, a “body” was reported to be near a park in southwestern Ohio. Local news report that when the police arrived, they found a “recreational mannequin” (their words, not mine!) stuffed in a trash bag. 

If you’re into fishing, hot springs, or Aomori Prefecture, you can follow Tanaka on Twitter right here.

Natsuki Tanaka’s tweet and photos published with permission.


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