Chainsaw Man Creator Accidentally Got His Twitter Account Banned

Chainsaw Man Creator Accidentally Got His Twitter Account Banned

While everyone was dealing with a confusing week of Elon Musk transforming Twitter verification check marks into an advertiser’s worst nightmare, the creator of the wildly popular manga, Chainsaw Man, was desperately fighting to get his account unsuspended.

Last week, Chainsaw Man manga editor Shihei Lin tweeted that a Twitter account under the pseudonym “Koharu Nagayama,” had been suspended for impersonating manga creator Tatsuki Fujimoto’s little sister. The reason Twitter suspended them was not the impersonation, but for being too young to have a social media account. However, Fujimoto himself replied to Lin’s tweet using a new Twitter account begging the editor to reinstate the “Koharu Nagayama” account. Turns out, Fujimoto himself was to blame for his account getting suspended, because he was using it, under that temporary pseudonym, to live react to new episodes of the Chainsaw Man anime while role-playing as his younger sister.

It would also be remiss of me not to mention that Fujimoto doesn’t have a younger sister, according to Anime News Network.

“Lin-san! I’m Tatsuki Fujimoto! Please believe me! It’s true,” Fujimoto tweeted from the unknown temp account.

To prove that Fujimoto was in fact the genuine article, the mangaka posted concept art for Aki Hayakawa and Power. Yep, that was Fujimoto all right.

Manga readers of CSM were quick to point out the painful irony of Fujimoto trying his damnedest to prove he was himself because in the current arc of the manga, Denji is trying to do the same thing. However, unlike his titular main character, Fujimoto’s efforts bore fruit, as his old account is back up and running again.

To be fair to his editor Lin, Fujimoto is also the same manga creator who uploaded a video of himself attempting to levitate and claims to be Filipino on his Pixiv account. The inner machinations of his mind are an enigma. While I’m not sure if there’s any lesson or moral of the day to take away from this whole comedy of errors, it is cool that we got concept art outta this snafu.


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