Hi, My name is FatShady and I've been a Kotaku AU since approximately 1BS (one year Before Serrels). Those who know me also know that I occasionally play the XBLA game Trials by Finnish game developer and Ubisoft Studio Redlynx. I'm just an Aussie gamer who spends his spare (read: work) time on blogs like this and day dreaming about gaming. I have no industry knowledge and no particular talents, but somehow my story over little more than a year has included writing a number of articles for Kotaku, appearances on ABC's Good Game, which ultimately lead me to realise a dream of mine -- traveling half way round the world to Finland and to meet my favourite game developer.


It was nine months ago when I posted the original Trials HD story, attempting to increase awareness and seek an answer to the Trials HD Riddle. This was a worldwide exclusive for Kotaku Australia and, by all accounts, was a popular story. While this was the first many of you had heard of the riddle and its clues, the committed members of the Redlynx forums had already been attempting to answer this riddle for nearly two years. Now, in the lead up to the release of Trials Evolution (April 18th), Redlynx have today revealed the ANSWER to the Riddle and it can be found within this video.


Most of you know Trials HD as the punishingly difficult 2D racer on Xbox LIVE Arcade - but buried deep within the impossible jumps and the incredible physics puzzles is something far more elusive - a riddle. A fiendish riddle that would make Da Vinci dribble. In this one-of-a-kind feature Kotaku reader, and Trials HD obsessive, FatShady breaks down this incredible puzzle and speaks to the creators of the game to try and uncover the intriguing mystery that is... The Trials HD Riddle.