Does story matter? What makes a good story? What about narrative? In this week’s episode, we’ve made a rich and deep immersive story for you all to ingest aurally. Multiple endings! Interesting characters! We have it all!* (*not really)


We’ve all had the thoughts. “Man that console was awesome, but so was this one! Gah! I can’t decide what’s my favourite is! This is so hard!” Imagine how hard it was for us to decide when we put this up for discussion this week, but by jove, we figured out what “My Favourite Console” was! Some of the answers may surprise you, some not, but oh boy! You gotta listen to find out!


Awww yeah gurl, we gonna be all romantic and stuff, gettin’ down to the business…the business of talkin’ about video games. What else would you wanna do on Valentine's Day? Exactly.


Remember the days where you didn’t rely on the internet to beat a level? Where your friends told you that to play as Bowser you had to beat all the levels without dying and had to be invincible the whole time and had to finish with 42 points? We miss those days... and Effluvium Boy and Phliaman miss it too and heck, they’re here to talk about it too!


In the beginning, there was man. And then… he made VIDEO GAMES. And with video games enjoyment and fun. But man wanted more than just being able to play as Mario and Link… they wanted to be… GOD! And so yeah now there’s games about creation and being a god so whatever I guess.


POTAKU RETURNS! Welcome to Season 3 of Potaku and on this week's episode we have DAN! and AlexAndHisPants talking all things Star Wars! Games, movies, the extended universe and our thoughts on the latest developments, all recorded and contained for your listening pleasure. We've mixed the show up and made some changes to help better and improve the show too, so any feedback on it would be great.


It’s the spookiest, scariest and most downright terrifying time of the year…HALLOWEEN! So what does Potaku do about it? Trick or treat? Raise the dead? Summon Satan? No. We talked about the scariest and most horror filled games of all time!


This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Blue Bomber, Mega Man, so we decided to what we do best and talk about the Mega Man series for 2 hours and celebrate what makes the series so great!