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How can it not be? A new Metal Gear Solid, a new Kingdom Hearts, a new Valkyria Chronicles, maybe even that new Resident Evil with be released, all tailor made for the PlayStation Portable are due next year.


We're 10 days from New Year's but tomorrow is the winter solstice, starting us on another trip around the sun. And a new year that will be full of its own controversies, challenges, triumphs, disappointments and delights in video gaming.


You aren't some kid holding controllers from different systems posing for stock photos. You're a real gamer. You piss pixels and bleed polygons, and ultimately the fate of gaming in 2010 is up to you. What will you do?


The Wii had a good 2009, thanks to the arrival of Nintendo fan-pleasing releases like Punch-Out!! and New Super Mario Bros. Wii. But 2010 should one-up this year's showing thanks to Nintendo and third-party publishers.


Whoever said that gamers are always looking to the future might as well be guest-editing Kotaku this week, because we are ignoring the final two weeks of 2009 to begin our look at... 2010.