5th cell

Scribblenauts Creators Raising Funds For New RPG

Briefly: The folks at 5TH Cell, the Scribblenauts studio whose CEO used to write a column for us about game development, are raising money from the public and investors for a slick-looking new action RPG called Anchors in the Drift. Find out lots more here.

The New Scribblenauts Is Out

Grab your dictionary and go on some wacky adventures with your fave DC heroes, or make some insane superheroes of your own with the game’s editor — the PC community already seems to be having lots of fun with that. Above’s the launch trailer, and here you can find our…

This Game Might Include Every DC Comics Hero (And Villain) Ever

Imagine a video game that includes 33 Batmans (Batmen?), 130 Green Lanterns and even Aztek The Ultimate Man. Imagine a game that, its creators say, includes ever super-powered hero or villain in DC Comics’ nearly 80-year history. That game is real. It’s scheduled for a fall release.