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As PlayStation users across the world wonder whether they’ll ever get to change their names from (or to) xx_gokusephiroth420_xx, the option now seems closer than ever. Developers of multiplayer games tell Kotaku that they’re preparing for PlayStation Network name changes to finally come soon.


What's up with the PlayStation Network? For the past week, Sony's premium online service has been intermittently offline, with users reporting issues playing games, streaming videos, and logging into their accounts.


Tipster Cody Brown directed our attention to a "Complete Bundle" for this week's Rock of Ages 2 in the US PlayStation Store, which includes Atlus' boulder-rolling strategy sequel plus the original game. The listing says it's playable on the PS4. That's half right.


Earlier this week Xbox announced they were changing their home page, again. I haven't played around with it, but it offers a good chance to have a chat about what kind of features people do want from their consoles.