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The multiplayer spaceship combat game Dead Star will essentially be shut down on November 1, seven months after launch. Armature Studios, the Austin-based team behind the game, is shutting down the game's multiplayer servers on that date, leaving only the tutorial playable. Armature has also pulled the PS4 and PC game's listings from the PlayStation and Steam stores.


Irredeemably bad video games are a simple, tidy affair. Their badness is straightforward. The game stinks. It was a waste of time to play. Probably shouldn't have even finished it. It is different and perhaps more frustrating to play a promising game that starts well, carries many great ideas and then stumbles. The new Xbox One and PC action-adventure ReCore is one of those second types.


It can take more than two minutes to respawn in the Xbox One version of the new open-world action game ReCore, though sometimes it takes just three seconds. Traversal inside the game's handful of major zones is smooth, but transitioning from one to another, which players are encouraged to do, can take 30-60 seconds.