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It turns out if you want to get the LA-based musician Will Wiesenfeld, stage name Baths, talking about video games, you should ask him about Diablo 2. In video game circles he's known for the theme song for this summer's Dream Daddy, as well as the understated trailer music for Hyper Light Drifter's stunningly successful Kickstarter campaign. Listening to Baths' densely packed electronic music for the better part of five years, I never once imagined the person behind it hunched over a computer deciding which synergy of Barbarian abilities to pursue.


Bathing is a well-used trope in film and TV. The "shower of angst," for example, is usually a stand-in for an emotional moment happening to our hero. It might make us empathise more with the person lowering their head under a flow of water. A few video game bathing scenes over the years have let players see new sides of male protagonists, which is helpful given that men don't tend to emote all that well in games or in popular media in general.