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When Bowser Jr. came onto the scene in 2002’s Super Mario Sunshine, the first words out of his mouth were “Leave my mama alone!” He’d kidnapped Princess Peach because Bowser had told him she was his mother and was trying to stop Mario from rescuing her. After Mario eventually defeated him, Bowser Jr. confessed to his dad that he knew deep down Peach wasn’t his mother all along, but said he still wanted revenge on Mario, a sentiment that earned his father’s approval. It was a twisted way for such a young character to make his debut. The new remake of Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story tries to give the prince some much-needed time to sort out his identity in its new mini-campaign: Bowser Jr.’s Journey.


If you've tried to get on the Mario Tennis Aces court in the last couple of days, chances are you'll have run into two aggravating folk: the swashbuckling shit-eating grin of Waluigi, Nintendo's favourite mischief maker; and the robotic "I can hit any ball on the court" arms of Bowser Jr.