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I love a good Cities: Skylines build, and this cinematic flythrough of a recreation of the Federal Territory of Putrajaya in Malaysia is something special to see. There's real care taken by the creator, Gilbert Plays, to make something that models the feeling of an actual city.


The worst part of games like Cities: Skylines is that you can make an awesome city you can't actually live in. Cities: Skylines new Concerts add on won't let you live in the city of your dreams, but it brings the game a little closer to the things that make cities fun to live in.


Video: The next expansion for Paradox's city builder, Cities: Skylines, is called Snowfall. Announced today, the add-on will introduce a weather system and a temperature mechanic to the game, along with a couple new public transportation options, like trams. Snowfall will be out on PC "later this year".


February saw the first of the year's major AAA titles land -- or at least the ones that were delayed from 2014 -- but March was when gamers truly got to get excited. Sony got some more exclusives. Indie darlings dropped their long-awaited sequels. Some long-awaited Kickstarter projects were finally released to the public, and there was even a new Mario Party to crow about.