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Attending the DICE gaming summit to promote his company's Unreal Engine technology and celebrate the conclusion of the Make Something Unreal modding contest, Epic Games' Mark Rein said that the next generation of Unreal game-making tech is a ways off.


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Randy Pitchford, head of Gearbox Software, makes games and performs magic. On the red carpet for the awards out here at DICE, I asked Pitchford to show me a trick. He happened to have a deck of cards. Of course!


I worked the red carpet for the Interactive Achievement Awards yesterday, doing my best not to ask the gaming luminaries who walked by what they were wearing. Silly mini-interviews can happen at these things. Such as this one.


For the last few years, comedian Jay Mohr has hosted the Interactive Achievement Awards and kicked the show off with a not-for-kids, profane half hour of jokes about the year in gaming. Here are some of the cleaner ones.


In another sign that maybe it's time for developers to stop aggressively chasing the Grand Theft Auto style of game, Matias Myllyrinne, managing director of Remedy Entertainment, revealed today this his team's game, Alan Wake, used to be, mistakenly, open-world.


As seen at the kick-off party at the DICE gaming convention at the Red Rock Casino just outside of Las Vegas. (Apologies for relying on my Blackberry to snap this photo.)


No, the head of Disney's gaming division wasn't taking the bait and announcing Kingdom Hearts 3 here at the annual DICE convention near Las Vegas. But he did tell Kotaku that franchise paved the way for another big Disney game.