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There's no anti-gravity racing quite like WipEout, unless you're an F-Zero fan. But what if you want a taste of speed, but you can't play the latest WipEout? What if your main console is a Switch, or you skipped the most recent console generation entirely? Fortunately, there's plenty of alternatives for those who need to go at subsonic speeds.


Each year Atlanta-area anime and gaming convention MomoCon selects five independently developed video games to honour in its Indie Games awards, and each year I help pick the winners. Here's how games like The Banner Saga 2 and Talent Not Included made it into the top five this year.


I don't like very many racing games, but Distance's high-flying antics and F-Zero-style looks have got my attention. I mean, check that out. It's all speed, air, and pulsating lights that are one-part Tron and one-part skeezy underground rave. Also, cars can get cut in half and regenerate, and -- unlike a not insignificant number of cars -- these ones can fly. Oh, and the hologram UI on the back of the car? Such a cool little touch.