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Whereas some guitarists, such as Jack White and Jimmy Page, have been quite outspoken in their opposition to rhythm games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, it seems like DJs have been lining up to support the fledgling DJ Hero franchise.


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The day after I posted a clip of my Halo: Reach helmeted Xbox 360 avatar playing DJ Hero I went online to do battle and found a truly worthy adversary.


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While the rest of Noble Team were desperately trying to save the planet Reach from the Covenant, DJ Tubby Noble Six snuck off to check out the New Alexandria club scene.


Who wants a Puma-branded DJ Hero 2 carrying bag? How about a hard shell turntable case stand, or a copy of the original DJ Hero? Where you pay decides what you'll be playing with when DJ Hero launches October 19.


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You could spend your morning sorting through all of the twisted tracks coming on the DJ Hero 2 disc next month or just accept that any game that mixes Naughty By Nature's "O.P.P." with the Jackson 5's "ABC" automatically wins.


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Before you read about me playing DJ Hero 2 at GamesCom, check out the skills of FreeStyle Games studio manager Kevin McSherry as he and a fellow dev play duelling decks.


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Freestyle Games creative director Jamie Jackson walks us through DJ Hero 2's Empire Mode, the replacement for the original game's underwhelming career mode.


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Multiplayer in the original DJ Hero was a plain vanilla affair that stripped some of the coolest elements from the single-player game for simplicity's sake. DJ Hero 2 throws simplicity out the window.