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After an iOS update back in 2015, "Error 53" caused some Apple devices to freeze up. At least 275 Australian customers affected by the were told by Apple they couldn't get a refund if they used a third party to try and fix the problem. But that's not how Australian Consumer Law works.


Have you ever experienced the joy of getting "error 53" on your precious iOS device and taken it to Apple, only for them to refuse to look at it? Good news: an ACCC investigation allegedly uncovered the same thing, and they're taking Apple to court.


The Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) has launched an investigation into whether Apple's Error 53 is in breach of consumer laws.

When the error code hit, effectively bricking iPhones, users initially thought it must be a bug. It was quickly revealed that the error is actually a security measure for the Touch ID fingerprint recognition technology. The error is activated when the phone is worked on by a third-party repairer using non-standard techniques or components.