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Due to the power concerns that arose after March 11's earthquake, the servers for Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XI were taken offline. The servers for both games will be back online on March 25. To make up for the outage, FFXI players won't be charged for the April billing cycle. Final Fantasy XIV will continue to be free to play.


By day, 27-year-old Paul Turner was a computer programmer. By night, he played Final Fantasy XI as a Hume, hanging out with a Tarutaru named Branwen. Paul left his girlfriend for that Tarutaru and married the woman behind the avatar.


The other day, I mentioned to my friend of 10 years that I was doing research on massively multiplayer online role-playing games ("MMORPGs") for one of my game design jobs. I said that it was especially difficult to understand what people were talking about on online forums, given that I'd never played an MMORPG for more than an hour of my life.


The sun rises around 6 am and that's when it starts to come full force. 

Something about the hazy pink morning light strikes the perfect chord of misery.  The mouse in my hand is a palmful of guilt, guilt, guilt, and my fingers clatter on the keys like the legs of a spider.