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Over the last couple of months, Australians have been slugged extra charges thanks to changes in the GST law. Video games are no exception to this, but fortunately some developers are using the forced impost to have some fun.

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We have some good news and bad news for online shoppers. First, the good news: A proposed GST amendment - which will see GST extended to all goods bought overseas - has been delayed for another year.

Now for the bad news: It will almost certainly come into effect on July 1 2018, and the similar 'Netflix tax' kicks in at the end of this month. Better start stocking up on those streaming subscriptions and overseas goodies while the going's good.


Given that more gamers are accustomed to creating and uploading their own videos on a regular basis, the amount of people proficient with the Adobe suite of tools - like Premiere and Photoshop - is higher.

But you know what else is higher? The amount you'll have to pay for it.