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Halo: The Master Chief Collection Is So Fun Right Now

I’ve played Halo: The Master Chief Collection off and on — more off than on — since it released in 2014. The serious connectivity issues that persisted well past launch were one thing, but the game also hit that fun wall all first-person shooters hit. Sometimes it takes months or…

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Halo Infinite Looks To The Past To Bring The Series Into The Present

Everyone remembers their first big Halo moment. For some, it might’ve been crash-landing on a strange, ring-shaped alien world. For others, maybe it was the slow discovery of an all-consuming, nightmarish parasite. Or the realisation that said ring-shaped alien world wasn’t actually a world but an interstellar superweapon designed to…

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Halo 3 Comes To PC July 14

Eyes up, space marines: 13 years after it landed on console, Halo 3 is finally coming to PC. As announced by the official Halo Twitter account, it’ll be available next Tuesday as the next instalment of Halo: The Master Chief Collection.