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Guacamelee 2 feels great to play. It’s a demanding platformer with elements drawn from the beat ‘em ups of old but executed with such precision they feel modern. The way throwing a punch can be intertwined with hoping over a pit of lava transforms every obstacle into a puzzle.

Despite surface similarities and homages to dozens of video game classics, Guacamelee 2 feels unique and unrivalled, even if the whole doesn’t surpass the sum of each amazing part.


I went into Chasm searching for something that would knock me on my arse. What I found was entertaining, but nothing more. Plenty of secrets, hidden dangers, and mysterious evils lurk deep within Chasm’s side-scrolling labyrinth, which is made lively and vibrant thanks to some truly amazing pixel art.

Halfway through 2018 though, there’s almost nothing in Chasm I feel like I haven’t seen before.


Rogue Legacy is a great game, but, five years after release, a few things were missing from it on PC. Cloud saves, for one, as well as key rebinding for mouse. Yes, there was actually a person who wanted to play Rogue Legacy, a side-scrolling platformer, with mouse controls, and the developers have finally made that happen.


Earlier this week, Chasm, the years-in-development action-adventure platformer inspired by games like Super Castlevania IV, finally got a release window of summer 2018. Below got similar news last month when its developers announced that the long-awaited roguelike would be out before the end of the year.

It's been a long road for both games, but one their designers say was worth taking.


Video: Headlander is a wild new Metroidvania for PS4 and PC from the folks at Double Fine Productions and Adult Swim Games. It is a disco fever dream mix of shooting, puzzles and exploration. It's pretty damn swell to play as a floating head! Join me as I talk about director Lee Petty's approach to design, shoot the heads off a lot of robots and examine what does and does not work in Double Fine's latest charmer!


This is Mark of the Old Ones, a physics adventure-platformer with a Lovecraftian twist in which you're some sort of a tentacled abomination. Watching the trailer I'm reminded more of Gish than anything.