EA Sports Sued By A Desperate NCAA Over The Game It Endorsed And Made

Back in the winter, the NCAA piously announced it would no longer licence video games, leaving it to members to decide whether they would continue to appear in EA Sports’ college football series. The schools’ biggest licensing agent and Electronic Arts chose to settle all claims brought by college players,…

Top 25 Polls Determine Payments In EA Sports’ College Game

Want to know what your favourite college football team made from its appearance in EA Sports’ NCAA Football series last year? Average its Associated Press poll ranking over the past 10 seasons. If it’s 25 or higher, congratulations. They probably earned about $US75,000.

Three Major College Conferences Will Stop Licensing EA Sports Games

The Pac-12, the Big 10 and the Southeastern Conference — cornerstones of major college football — will no longer licence their league’s symbols or trademarks to EA Sports’ video game. While the 40 members they represent may still appear in the game, the departure of these leagues is a painful…